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Site upload speed

The speed with which a site loads is one of the key factors that influence its positioning on the search results pages.

This is normal, especially if we look at the problem from the perspective of users. It was found that nearly 75% of Internet users are giving up on accessing a site if it does not load in the first 3 seconds.

Given that the number of people using mobile devices to browse the internet has recently exceeded those using laptops or PCs, more attention should be paid to optimizing websites for those using phones and tablets.

What factors influence the upload speed of the site?

  • the Internet connection speed of the user decisively influences the time a site loads, but we can not modify this factor, so we have to do our best to load the site in 3 seconds, even for those with lower speed connections through 3G – for example.
  • the hosting server’s performance matters, but most of the time we are restricted by the budget and it turns out to be more cost-effective to optimize the way our scripts works on the server than to pay some resources just to scatter them for no reason.
  • web page size. This is measured in bits or multiples and is the size of the scripts and images to be downloaded from the server in the browser to display the page.
    As a rule, images are the most easily to be optimized, although their size is the most common cause for an oversized web page. We do not even realize that a simple picture can even handle 1,000 times more memory space than the space occupied by the entire information on a web page. It’s true that an image makes as many as 1,000 words, but it should not be the same for its size!
  • The number of requests to the server that are made to get all the information needed to display the web page must be small. Often, information from multiple sources, even from multiple servers, is required to display a web page: images, scripts, fonts. It is important that such a request does not expect a response from the previous one to be as few as possible and to be addressed to servers as fast and closer to the users as possible.

These are basically factors that influence the speed of uploading a web page. There is much more to be said about each one, but the article would become too overwhelming and difficult to digest, so:

I look forward to discussing this topic. I will also tackle more punctual things in future articles.

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